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The Stranger - poems
The Stranger - poems
short film

The Stranger
by Tracey Snelling

Read in English and Spanish, alternating lines with the second poem
(with Arabic and Hebrew subtitles)

As I wander I wonder
How many times I have seen the sky fall
The wind change directions
Just as I began to head towards shore
The shadow that constantly follows me
Plays catch up as I run
It's now my weary confidante
Only resting in the dark
I travel
And look
And feel
And taste
Tastes as sweet as you

Time never ends
A hot humid afternoon holds me for days
One step
Two steps
I trudge forward
Everything becomes the same
Here and there
You are all my home

And I am the stranger.

**Read in Arabic and Hebrew, alternating lines with the first poem
(with English and Spanish subtitles)

We all breathe the same breath
See the rain fall
Feel the wind against our skin
Try to reach the shore
The shadows chase each one of us
catching up at times
beating us
hiding us
We travel
See with the same eyes
Taste with the same mouth

Time never ends
We feel the heat envelop our bodies
One step
Two steps
We trudge forward
Everything is everything
Here is there
We are all each other’s home

No one is a stranger.