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The Stranger
short film

The Stranger tells the story of a man who wanders the world. He has no home, yet everywhere is his home. As he wanders from place to place through different distinct cultures, the idea of belonging and identity is explored. Small-scale sculptures are combined with the outdoor environment to act as the sets, with The Stranger superimposed into the small locales. There are two narrated poems, one in English and Spanish, the other in Hebrew and Arabic, with concurrent subtitles below. The poems are similar, yet one speaks of being alone, and the other speaks of us all being one. Part pioneer, part wanderer, The Stranger travels from Tokyo to Istanbul, from Beijing to Texas, and in the end, finds that we are all one.
Produced and directed by Tracey Snelling and Idan Levin
Written by Tracey Snelling
Cinematography: Tracey Snelling and Idan Levin
Edited by Kyung Lee
The Stranger played by Homero Hidalgo
English and Spanish narration: Homero Hidalgo
Arab narration: Sam Abu-Ghosh
Hebrew narration: Idan Levin
Sound design: Tracey Snelling
Sound editor: Kyung Lee
Sculptures by Tracey Snelling
Lighting: Tracey Snelling
Grip: Miranda Sequoia
Sound provided by freesfx.co.uk, freesound.org

Architecture Film Festival Lisbon, Portugal, 2015
Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2015