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Shoot It!!
short film

Originally inspired by a sculpture I made with the same title. Shoot It!!, the video, is a criticism on gun rights and the mass shootings that are such a huge issue in the U.S. Angered by the many shootings of unarmed African Americans by police and the blatant disregard of violence by NRA supporters, I compiled this video using clips from news and popular media. Charlton Heston as a young man in Planet of the Apes, is juxtaposed with an older Heston brandishing a gun while speaking menacingly for the NRA. Clips of women in small bikinis shooting guns sexualize the violence; and a 'good ol boy' cop gives advice on how it can be legal to shoot someone in the back, and the tricks to get around it. Also included are clips of children learning to use guns, Elmer Fudd, Scarface, Taxi Driver, and several well-known mass shooting clips, as well as clips of Trump, and Melania copying Michelle Obama's speech while a little pony cartoon copies Melania. I hope to raise awareness and consideration on this important issue of gun violence with my video.

Hilbertraum, Berlin, 2016