I have been awarded a Gottlieb Foundation 2023 Individual Support Grant…
and a 2023 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
Press release coming in July

Present and Upcoming Exhibitions and Events:
Berlinische Galerie
Berlin, Germany
Suddenly Wonderful
25. May – 18. September, 2023…

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
Salt Lake City, Utah
Haimaz, Heimr, Hjem, Heem, Hām, Home
3. March, 2023 – 15. July, 2023…

Unfixed Concrete Ideal
Boston City Hall
Boston, Massachusetts
June 3 - 28, 2023

Tokyo Arts and Space Project, Hongo
Tell Me You Love Me
solo presentation
1. July - 16. August, 2023
Tokyo, Japan

Pulpo Gallery
collaborative exhibition with Roger Ballen
curated by Alexander Timtschenko and Helga Krutzler
Bergson Kunstkraftwerk
Munich, Germany
June - August 2024

Haus am Lützowplatz
How We Live
solo exhibition
Berlin, Germany
September - November 2024

Recent Exhibitions:

Ludwig Museum
Budapest, Hungary
Smaller Worlds: Diorama in Contemporary Art
14. October, 2022 - 15. January, 2023…

Berlin Independent Film Festival
Babylon Berlin
Berlin, Germany
16. February – 19. February, 2023
A Poem is a City, 2021, short film, a collaboration with Arthur Debert

Hashimoto Contemporary NYC
New York, NY
Room With a View…

ARTCaffè Zoom Talk with Tracey Snelling
Seoul, Korea
Links to talk and Q&A:

Artist Statement
Through the use of sculpture, photography, video, and installation, I give my impression of a place, its people and a locale. Often, the cinematic image stands in for real life as it plays out behind windows in the buildings, sometimes creating a sense of mystery, other times stressing the mundane. My work derives from sociology, voyeurism, and geographical and architectural location.

My core skill as an artist is to capture the essence of time and place, engaging with my surroundings and merging its residents, localities and atmospheric peculiarities into my work. By exploring my immediate environment, studying every detail and extracting specific highlights, I transform the information into artworks, best described as 3-D non-linear sculptural films. Combining sculpture, video, light, sound, and sometimes even water and smell, they capture places and people at a specific time in history.

Recent Press
Smaller Worlds - Dioramas at the Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary:……

Ever Emerging Mag, Berlin Edition, 2022
Museum of Now

Sofia Art Projects Vol. 1. Intimacy and spectacle in the age of social media:

Foundwork Art Prize:
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