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Wood, paint, plaster, plastic, electroluminescent wire, lights, media players, lcd screens, speakers, transformer
72 x 122 x 90 cm

Recreation of Zentrum Kreuzberg in Berlin.
Completed in 1974, Zentrum Kreuzberg was built as social housing, but experienced issues due to poor construction and politics. Though designated as social housing, the building belonged to the private companies Hermes and GSW, which had received subsidies to provide affordable housing. As the city decreased their subsidies,
Hermes and GSW continually raised the rents. In 2012 Kotti & Co was formed by neighbors to fight against the ever-rising costs. Due to the work of Kotti & Co, the municipal housing company Gewobag acquired the Zentrum Kreuzberg in 2017, saving the tenants from threat of eviction and rising costs.