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Sozialwohnungen Admiralstrasse, berlin, tracey snelling, sculpture, mixed media, video art
Sozialwohnungen Admiralstrasse
mixed media sculpture with video
78 x 137 x 40 cm

This is a sculpture of the Brutalist social housing complex directly behind Südblock, in Berlin. The back is open, and is decorated and painted.

In May 2012, tenants of this social housing complex in Kottbusser Tor (Berlin) were told to either pay a rent increase or move out. The private companies Hermes and GSW, which had received subsidies to provide affordable housing, continually raised the rents as the city reduced subsidies. The neighbors organized into a group called Kotti & Co,
eventually causing the municipal housing company Gewobag to acquire the building, saving the tenants from eviction and steep rent raises.