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Tracey Snelling
Tracey Snelling
Art Habens Magazine

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by Dario Rutigiano and Katherine C. Wilson

Naturalistic and moving in its simplicity, Nothing is a psychologically penetrating film by Tracey Snelling. Via a succession of static shots, we come to see Jane's emotional and physical detachment from the world. Nothing relies on domestic routines and simple gestures: the first time we watched it, we immediately thought of Chantel Akerman's Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce: Tracey's elegant use of temps mort gives the viewer a strong sense of emptiness, rather than the manipulative approach of Hollywood productions. What mostly impressed us of Snelling's work is the way her careful gaze on contemporary age unveils the creative role of spectator, discovering unsuspected but ubiquitous connections between art producing and the audience.