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wood, metal, paint, fake landscaping, lights, electroluminescent wire,
lcd screens, media players, speakers, transformer

Mexicalichina combines the cultures of China, Mexico, and California, using video, sculpture, lights, and sound. Drawing upon recent trips and residencies in China and Mexico, I combine buildings, restaurants, billboards, and cultural icons into a blend of sights and sounds that are very familiar to those living in California. Yet, in the sculpture, the cultures meet in a more dramatic way, by combining buildings and scenes originating from locations in China, Mexico, and California. Hand painted sayings and images on the sides of the sculpture explore ideas of immigration and stereotypes.

El mundo es un pañuelo: The world is a handkerchief (It's a small world)
騎驢找馬: Riding a mule while looking for a horse. (Settle for what you have while looking for something better)

mixed media
53" high x 35" wide x 36" deep