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My Clusterfuck installations are a combination of sculptures, video projections, lights, rugs, kitsch, images, and odd accessories. The installations are immersive experiences that place the viewers at the simultaneous conjunction of a multitude of different, sometimes opposing, cultures. Is it a view into the future world we will live in? A psychedelic version of a "Blade Runner" scene? Or perhaps the clutter in one's own mind?

Video clips from Bollywood, rap musicians, Jamaican dance clubs, and a call to prayer, among other clips, overlap and compete in an aural and visual chaos with the soundtracks and videos from the jumble of sculptures in the space. The all-encompassing quality of the installation is designed to both over-stimulate the viewers and seduce/ensnare them.

This version of Clusterfuck is my largest to date.

Clusterfuck 4
Clusterfuck 4
mixed media
large room size installation