Tracey Snelling
Blood Sweat & Tears
mixed media
14.5" high x 15" wide x 14" deep
wood, paint, fake landscaping, inkjet prints, lights, lcd screen, media player, speaker, transformer.

Originally, the piece began as a meditation on sadness, via a brownstone apartment building above a park. As it progressed, the reference to Marianne Faithfull from the exhibition subject took on a life of its own. I recalled seeing a film with Marianne Fathfull and Alain Delon--"The Girl on a Motorcycle." I realized this film captures the idea of sorrow. When the woman realizes true freedom through an affair, but even more so through riding her motorcycle, a gift from her lover, she gets in an accident. It is a freeing, yet sad tale. Does true happiness equal death? Can one be fully fulfilled and still live, not suffering the consequences? These are questions I ask myself often, and have found a vehicle in through this work.

The videos are clips from "The Girl on a Motorcycle," mixed with audio from the Rolling Stones' cover of "As Tears Go By."
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