Tracey Snelling
Bordertown installation
mixed media installation
Zaragoza y Obregon

“Bordertown” explores the uncomfortable yet familiar meeting between two cultures at the Mexican/American Border. The immediacy and sense of delicacy in the lives of the people who live there juxtapose colorful, seedy, and sometimes sad scenarios.“Big Mirador,” a seven foot tall hotel, plays film clips in the windows from old Spanish-speaking Bunuel films, interspersed with tired scenes from lonely southwest desert motel rooms and brothels. “Zaragoza y Obregon” explores four blocks of Los Cabos; an older woman seduces a younger man, two teenage girls smoke pot in their room, and other scenes and sounds of drama and the mundane play out. The cinematic image stands in for real life as it unspools behind windowpanes, conjuring a sublime sense of both wonder and nostalgia.