Tracey Snelling
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The Naked City
Solo exhibition at Krupic Kersting, Cologne
September 2 - November 4, 2016

Worldwide more than 1.5 billion people live in extreme poverty.
At the beginning of the year Tracey Snelling, Oakland/Berlin, had built a small-scale- simulation of favelas "One thousand Shacks" (approx. 5 meters high) as a provoking exclamation referring to that topic. In the installation she unites the menacing cramped conditions of life in such places with astonishing aesthetics. The installation is accessible - also viewable from its rear side, to see the tangled mess of wires and d.i.y. nature echoing these places.
For her DC-Open show with Krupic Kersting in September, Snelling works on a variation of "One Thousand Shacks" named "Tenement Rising" which reflects overpopulation and overcrowding. The installation will be space-filling at approx. 3.5 meters in height, and built in an L-shape. Countless anonymous residential units line up - one next to another - granting apparently private insights into the loneliness of the residential machines in the edge districts of international cities.
Through the application of miniature objects, photographs, lights, sounds and videos in her architectures, Tracey Snelling generates the illusion of a place, its people and their experiences. The cinematic picture often reveals "real" life behind windows and doors. She grants voyeuristic insights and creates an atmosphere where the audience participates in fictional secrets.