Tracey Snelling
video documentation of exhibitionTenement Rising (work in progress)Tenement Rising (work in progress)
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Concrete Jungle
solo exhibition at HilbertRaum, Berlin
July 2016
curated by Andy Holtin
with two collaborative works with Idan Levin

Every day, huge apartment buildings grow seemingly overnight in cities that appear to be outgrowing themselves. In Beijing, as blocks of hutangs are torn down to make way for new skyscrapers, massive apartment complexes further out from the city are built to house the workers that are misplaced. These apartments become run down due to shoddy material and building practices, are sometimes dangerous places to reside, and are often packed to the brim with more people than is appropriate.

Tenement Rising will be a 4 meter tall, 3 meter wide wall of small ­scale apartment buildings, butted up against one another to form a colossal shape of an over sized building. The buildings are attached together and appear as an overwhelming wall of concrete, plaster, windows, and dirty yet vibrant facades. Small lights, images, and video show through the dingy, curtained windows. The massive number of buildings alludes to the issues of overpopulation, crowding, and poverty in large cities across the world.

Tracey Snelling's exhibition Concrete Jungle at Hilbertraum, curated by Andy Holtin, will preview some of her works for her upcoming solo exhibition in September at Krupic Kersting in Cologne. She will also be exhibiting additional works. This will be Snelling's first exhibition in Berlin.