Tracey Snelling
Somewhere in Ohio
mixed media
57 X 57 X 30 cm
For the Monsters show I did at Tache Levy Gallery in Brussels, I wanted to explore some of the films that have scared me the most. Silence of the Lambs is at the top of the list. This sculpture is of the most recognized house from the film. Although not the house that the killer is eventually found in, I have used it to try to capture the deranged mind of the killer and the fear of the whole situation. Through a hole in the floor of the main room, a video plays of the woman that he has kidnapped. A back room has flowered wallpaper mixed with sexy images of women from the 1960's, and the kitchen has an old sink and a soiled American flag hanging over it. A soundtrack plays with the sounds of the kidnapped woman yelling at the man and his dog, mixed with the song "American Girl," which was playing in her car before she was taken.
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